everything has gone but the voice

25 July 2021

F:  Yes. You asked me to remind you in the last letter you sent me to remind you of his name – Smith ‘cos you wanted to check something or other. You didn’t say what it was.
B:  Oh ye, erm was it last visit? Or was it before? I mentioned Smith..
F:  Yes
B:  The girl who lately disappeared from next door from Smith.
F:  I think it was PR, wasn’t it?
B:  That’s right.
F:  Yes.
B:  The details I gave you for her I wouldn’t want quoted.
F:  Yes, but what is it that you wanted me to check, you said you wanted me to check
B:  No, no not to check, I just wanted to say I wouldn’t want that quoted in anything.
F:  PR case.
B:  The details, I mean the fact that she just lived next door, that it common knowledge.
F:  Oh, I know.
B:  I gave you more information.
F:  What about him having her clothes and things.
B:  Yes.
F:  Did you really think that he was that involved though because that was very early on wasn’t it, and I don’t know – so tolerate me a bit.
B:  I can’t, you see its involves me, I just can’t you know.. I can’t be done now, his house is demolished
F:  His house?
B:  Yes
F:  What was in it, he did mention that it contained something or other, you didn’t say what it was though?
B:  Blood
F:  Yeh, in his house, so the kid died in his house did she?
B:  Well see, I can’t really say … Otherwise the whole thing will come out untimed, you know.
F:  Yes.  But, of course, people keep putting all the blame on you, don’t they?
B:  Oh I know that, know that, but I’m not, opting out, I’m not opting out, we used the axe on Edwards.
F:  But they never leak his name to it, its always yours.
B:  Well he gave Queen’s evidence.
F:  There was one recent case, It was funny it was actually an attack on old Longford did you see it.
B:  No.
F:  They attacked him for being a do-gooder.
B:  Oh, that’s nothing unusual is it.
F:  That was the Express.

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