Tigger Blaize

Tigger was brought up in Guernsey, and completed three years actor training at Rose Bruford College. S/he has worked at Oxford Playhouse, The Belgrade Coventry, York Theatre Royal, Vamos Theatre, Trading …
… Other 1%. Tigger is very physical, with performance skills in mask, puppetry and acrobatics; is a qualified ski instructor, plays football and runs or cycles most days. S/he is all about the tea and cakes. 

TO1%: When did you know you first wanted to be actor?
TB: I think I really started to believe I could be when I was supposed to be doing my A-Levels, but basically lived at Guernsey Youth Theatre.

TO1%: What was your first professional gig?
TB: CITV’s “Teddybears” I played Louise Bear (the green one)

TO1%: Some people practice in front of a mirror some people think that’s really artificial? Do they…? What’s your take? 
TB: Hmmm… no, not for me. I want to create the feeling for myself from inside, from impulses and thoughts, rather than trying to recreate something external, or mimic a position or way I looked at a certain moment.

TO1%: How did you get involved with The Other 1%.
TB: I saw a post on Brighton Actors Networking Facebook page, inviting actors to submit their details for a database of voice actors. I am so grateful for that excellent start to audio work.

TO1%: If you could play any film, tv, stage or literary character, who would it be and why?
TB: I always find this question difficult. I’m probably too old to play the characters I want to play! Also, I’m passionate about new writing, and would love to play a brand new, edgy, daring and challenging character on stage or screen.

TO1%: Do you practice your craft when you’re ‘resting’ and how?
TB: Lots of fitness stuff – running, circuits, cycling, boxing. Also, reading, line-learning, singing and attending various skills workshops.

TO1%: How much of your acting would you say is craft and how much instinct? 
TB: I think it’s 80% instinct for me, and then I use my “toolkit” when things get tricky. 

TO1%: In the States Method Acting is often seen as the Holy Grail, how do you feel about that?
TB: There’s more than one way to fool the audience, and yourself. Whatever works for you.

TO1%: Do you ever find you start to become the characters you play when you’re off stage or off set? 
TB: Parts of those characters are in me anyway. I’m accessing aspects of myself to use for characters, so yeah, I think that a character’s traits can definitely possess me in rehearsal or production, and become more prominent.

TO1%: Has anyone ever noticed?
TB: Ha! People remarked that I got more bold and naughty when I played Steve the monkey in “Spot’s Birthday Party”. I got away with all sorts of mischief!

TO1%: It’s a hard one, but if you had to choose and could only do pre-recorded OR live performance for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?
TB: I mean, I love both, but it’s an easy choice really. LIVE. The communication between audience and performer is a very special thing which cannot be equaled. A live performance is a one-time unique thing which is there and then gone. It’s like magic, and the after affects are addictive.

TO1%: What’s your trick for learning lines?
TB: Oh please tell me?! I don’t have one, and it’s getting harder to learn lines. Lots of reading them without even trying to learn them, and making logic of connecting thoughts together. I aim to learn lines whilst exercising – something about linking lines to movement seems to help them stick. Also, reading them just before going to sleep seems to help cement the learning. 

TO1%: Do you read your reviews and at what stage in a run of a play?
TB: Yes. I probably shouldn’t, but I’m nosey. I read them as and when they come in. Also, if I don’t read them, then someone else in the company usually starts talking about a review and I may as well have read it!

TO1%: Do you have any superstitions other than not whistling in the stage wings and calling that Shakespeare play The Scottish Play?
TB: Not really. But I do have routines and habits, like the way I set out my dressing table, and I have a kit of things which I like to have in my dressing room. Warm-ups, eating patterns, and things take on a comfortable routine.

TO1%: If you could have a masterclass from one director and one actor who would they be?
TB: Mike Leigh, for getting to the absolute truth. Jim Carrey for range – (I’m watching “Kidding” at the moment)

TO1%: If you become a superstar, will you demand specific bottled water and go on a paleo diet?
TB: I will be a very friendly and kind superstar, and there will be no demands. I will be able to afford a personal trainer, but I’m not doing any wacky diets for anyone.

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