Laura Lockington

Laura Lockington was born in Kent but, via interludes in Cornwall, Florence and London and now lives in Spain.

She has had a varied career, working in TV, films, theatre and interior design but in 1999 abandoned the rat race to write. Laura is a published author with 10 books under her belt and 2 plays on BBC Radio 4.

TO1%: How did you first get into writing?
LL: I was made redundant from a job in TV and thought I’d give writing a book a go. I sent it off to an agent and found myself in the lucky position of signing a two book deal with Random House

TO1%: What was your first published works?
LL: A really, really terrible poem when I was 15 in a magazine. Awful. But it was a thrill to see my name in print.

TO1%: Do you read your writing dialogue aloud to yourself?
LL: Yes. Always.

TO1%: Do you think writers get the recognition they deserve?
LL: Probably not…in some smart intellectual circles, yes. In Hollywood, no.

TO1%: What’s your favourite book to screen adaptation?
LL: The Talented Mr Ripley is pretty perfect, a slim short story by Patricia Highsmith turned into a stylish, compulsive film. Heaven!

TO1%: And your least?
LL: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Loved the book, hated the film.

TO1%: Do you listen to music when you write?
LL: No…I used to but found it too distracting

TO1%: Do you have a writing schedule? (mornings/night time)
LL: Yes. If I don’t do it in the mornings it doesn’t get done

TO1%: Do your characters take over your life? Do you worry about them?
LL: Oh yes. Especially if I’m writing a novel. I worry that I haven’t fed them for days, or I haven’t given them enough sleep!

TO1%: What do you write on? Laptop?Pen and paper? Quill?
LL: Ancient PC

TO1%: Do you ever write in cafes? Or does that make you feel uncomfortable?
LL: No. Never. I would feel far too self conscious.

TO1%: How do you read? (books? Kindle? Audio?)
LL: Kindle. My bookshelves are way too crowded to add to them.

TO1%: What’s your favourite writing snack?
LL: Tea. Earl Grey. Weak. Splash of milk… And a kitkat.

TO1%: Do you have a pair of writing trousers?
LL: No, but I do like to be comfy…hideous trackie bottoms and disreputable tee shirt. And a scarf, I do like a scarf around my shoulders.

TO1%: What’s the last meal you cooked?
LL: Roast butternut squash & sweet potato soup. I added a home grown chili and some ginger, as I love spicy food. However, I hadn’t tested the strength of the chili and it blew the top of my head off.

TO1%: What’s the last (non food) thing you bought?
LL: A flu vaccine

TO1%: Who is your favourite writer?
LL: Nancy Mitford, Evelyn Waugh, Molly Keane, Sybille Bedford, Stella Gibbons…too many to choose!

TO1%: What’s your desert Island book?
LL: The Collected Works of Nancy Mitford

TO1%: What’s your best procrastination tactic?
LL: Clean the kitchen floor, do the laundry, phone best friend, take the dog for a walk…however, sometimes those things give me time to ponder a writing problem.

TO1%: If you were given a million pounds in cash, with the proviso that you could never write again, would you take it?
LL: Probably!

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