Andy Matthews

Andy started out in his early 20s as a BlueCoat Entertainer for Warner Holidays. Following this he took to the stage as an actor before moving into Film and TV in minor roles in Eastenders, The Bill, Inspector Morse and the odd James Bond film. 

In 2001 he headed into the spooky world of TV presenting in series such as Ghost Detectives , Ghostwatch Live, Haunted Homes culminating with his own 10 part TV series Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts which he created and presented for BBC1 NI.

It was during this time, he had his first book published.

Having written a screenplay in 2016, Andy moved into audio script writing for TBC Audio the following year with a four part mini series called Morai: The Jack Ellis Chronicles. Currently he is a writing a new 8 part audio drama entitled Ella.

TO1%: How did you first get into writing?
AM: I always had an imaginative mind and started writing my own stories from an early age, as a budding sci fi comic strip artist. Later, as a musician, I wrote some poetry and songs, three of which actually got down to the last 25 in the 1997 Great British Song Contest. 

TO1%: What was your first published works?
AM: My first little bit of success was in 2007,when a television series format I created and wrote, was commissioned by BBC Northern Ireland and following this, my first book Andy Matthews Greatest Haunts was published by Foulsham & Co Ltd.

TO1%: Do you read your writing dialogue aloud to yourself?
AM: Sometimes yes, especially if it’s a highly charged character moment, when the energy of the line needs testing. Most of the time, I write from a viewer or listener perspective. In other words, although I have a rough idea of the plot in my head, I have no idea what’s coming next. 

TO1%: Do you think writers get the recognition they deserve?
AM: No. In film, it’s the actors or directors that take the limelight. It all depends upon the source of the material. JK Rowling for example received notoriety as the author of Harry Potter before the films came along.

TO1%: How did you get involved with The Other 1%.
AM: I’ve worked with producer Simon Moorhead many, many times over the years in Television and film so when I submitted a film script to him in 2017, he asked me to re write it as an audio drama. The rest is history.

TO1%: What’s your favourite book to screen adaptation?
AM: I think, ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ closely followed by Peter Benchleys ‘Jaws’

TO1%: And your least?
AM: The Shining. 

TO1%: Do you listen to music when you write?
AM: No.

TO1%: Do you have a writing schedule? (mornings/nighttime)
AM: Yes. Afternoons.

TO1%: Do your characters take over your life? Do you worry about them?
AM: Not so much worry about them, more how they contend with the storylines.

TO1%: What do you write on? Laptop?Pen and paper? Quill?
AM: Both. I usually plot out a rough storyline on paper before turning the laptop on.

TO1%: Do you ever write in cafes? Or does that make you feel uncomfortable?
AM: Never. Always at home. I like peace and quiet.

TO1%: How do you read? (books? Kindle? Audio?)
AM: Books.

TO1%: What’s your favourite writing snack?
AM: I don’t eat snacks usually . I do like tea though and a few choc biscuits.

TO1%: What’s the last meal you cooked?
AM: Bolognese.

TO1%: What’s the last (non-food) thing you bought?
AM: A new Bass guitar.

TO1%: Who is your favourite writer?
AM: Stephen King.

TO1%: What’s your desert Island book?
AM: Hmm. I dont think I have one. I never re-read books.

TO1%: What’s your best procrastination tactic?
AM: Telling myself, I’ll do it tomorrow lol. 

TO1%:  If you were given a million pounds in cash, with the proviso that you could never write again, would you take it?
AM: Absolutely.  But I’d still write in my spare time….lol.

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